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Power Control Center (PCC)

A Power Control Centre (PCC) is a Power and Control panel which consists of Incomer Circuit Breaker(s), Feeder Circuit breakers, monitoring devices, control devices etc. PCC consists of different vertical sections from where the different electric parameters are monitored and controlled.

Motor Control Centers (MCC)

A motor control center (MCC) is an assembly of Main Incoming Circuit Breaker and assembly of several motor starters. A motor control center can include DOLs, Star-Delta Starters, Variable frequency drives, Soft Starters with necessary control logic.

Automatic Power Factor Correction (APFC)

Automatic Power Factor Correction Panel (APFC) consists of Incomer, Outgoing Breakers along with Capacitor Duty Contactors / Thyristors, Harmonic Filters, Capacitors, APFC Relay and necessary controls for operating the panel in Auto or Manual modes. As the name suggests, APFC panels control the Power Factor so that Power Factor is maintained as per the requirement.

DG Panels - Solo + Syncronizing

Solo Generator required where load is very less and AMF operation required and also synchronization of two or more DG’s are not required. It has got all human and DG protection with latest switchgears.

DG Synchronization panel is required to paralleling of 2 or more DG’s in order to share the total load. It helps transferring the load from one unit to another as during service period. In this way the critical load need not be interrupted and there is no production loss.

  • Upto 5000kVA solo
  • nx4000kVA Syncronizing
  • Upto 100kA
  • IP 54
  • Copper / Aluminum busbar

We provide MV Panels upto 11kV. They are CPRI Type tested for Sahort Circuit & Dielectric properties with Higher Degree of Safety & Performance. Our Modular Design with building Block Concepts (Add-on Feature), Panels Suitable for Indoor & Outdoor Applications are the main features our Breakers, CTs & PTs are housed in separate compartments and we perform In-house Temperature Rise Test

  • Power panel, 25 kA, IP54, copper / aluminum busbar
  • Relay & Metering panel
  • Motor Control Centers
  • IP 54
  • NIS & NGR panel - 100A, 63 .10 sec Ω

Busduct is a sheet metal duct with aluminium or copper bus bars, and used as a reliable link for transferring power from one equipment to other at desired voltage levels. It is used as an alternate means for conducting electricity to cable bus and power cables. There  are two types of busducts available ,one is Segregated and other one is Non-Segregated.

  • Global Design
  • Fixed type & draw out type panels
  • IEC 61439 and IEC 61641 Conpliant Panels
  • BLOKSET - 100kA @ 0.5s - Copper
  • BLOKSET - 65kA @ 0.4s - Aluminium
  • Digitisation - Smart Panels (IOT)
  • Intelligent MCC (MotorsysTM iMCC)

Power Control Equipments believe in serving its customer with high quality, technically advance and in time delivery of electrical control panel with quality and technology as the backbone of the company.

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