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This article posits that alongside strong legislation, coherent support in areas deemed critical for implementation such as improved judicial access, resources, and oversight must also be addressed to advance beyond a rhetorical-legal adoption of these norms. The frequency and brutality of sexual and physical violence in addition to less visible but equally damaging economic and psychological expressions are reminiscent of the rape, torture, shame and blame endured in Guatemala’s armed civil conflict that ended a quarter-century ago . It is in this gap where policy finds its most urgent, but often unmet purpose. Studies carried out in Latin America and the Caribbean highlight how sexual violence is a serious problem for the region. These studies also show how the region has gained international recognition for the progress made there in the field of legal reforms aimed at addressing violence against women.

A report from the KIND Foundation shows that six out of ten migrating women are raped during their journey, and girls traveling alone and LGBTI are at high risk of trafficking in persons. The nurse teams are comprised of two nurses who are responsible for a segment of the communities in the region. There are ten communities in the Madres Sanas program that are combined into eight clusters; our biostatistician did this in order to achieve similar cluster sizes, determined according to the number of births by community in 2017. Because our study enrolls women at their final Madres Sanas visit, which is a postpartum visit that occurs about 40 days after delivery, the cluster size was based on delivery volume of the communities. The nurse teams are assigned by the nursing supervisor to their respective communities. They drive auto rickshaws provided by the Center for Human Development out to the communities to conduct their home visits, which includes four antenatal visits and two postpartum visits.

That’s when the highest U.S. immigration court announced its first-ever binding, precedential decision that Guatemalan married women who suffer domestic violence and cannot leave their relationships, are part of a “particular social group” that is being persecuted. “The problem is violence in the life of women, not even against women,” she said. In Cifuentes’ home town, where volcanic mountains crumble into the torrid coastal plain, Saidy Fuentes listed the most painful among the dozens of cases of crimes against women she tackles every day. Based on a community-centered model of micro-enterprise, MADRE establishes small chicken farms as a source of food security and income for Indigenous women in Quiche communities.

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Promoting the active participation of Ixil women in the political, social, and economic life of their community increases women’s status, and reinforces their voices as community leaders. MADRE partners with Muixil, a community based organization of Indigenous Ixil women in Guatemala. Together, we founded Farming for the Future, a collective income-generating project that provides the Ixil women living in poverty with economic independence and food security and empowers them to demand their political rights. One in three indigenous women has no access to health and family planning services, according to WINGS, a reproductive rights organization in Guatemala.

By 2017 there were thirteen specialized courts nationwide—all located in departmental capitals, including one a two-hour drive from Santa Nimá’s center, further from its remote villages. In practice, accessing specialized courts required indigenous, poor women from rural areas to interface with many state institutions. Because they were often uninformed about the 2008 law and specialized courts, these women were only likely to access specialized courts if directed by other institutions such as police, justices of the peace, the OMM, or DEMI. Subsequently, they would interact with the public prosecutor’s office and forensics experts before entering courts. Some of the institutions that women experienced had internalized VAW reforms, but others had not. Additionally, specialized courts and related institutions were in departmental capitals, introducing additional barriers for poor women from rural areas.

Weaponisation Of Female Bodies: The Case Of Guatemala As A Representative For Latin America

The study analyses the identity positions and tensions in the cultural product as well as analyzing consumer interpretive strategies to negotiate countervailing gender ideals. The article analyses how processes of market place transition and the negotiation of gender are handled by navigating between countervailing cultural meanings of tradition and modernity, conformity and rebellion, in glocalized forms. If your main goal is hooking-up with local women, Guatemala is not going to be your best choice. Whatever country you go to, the local guys will claim that their countrywomen LOVE foreigners. They’ll say you can approach any girl in the country and she’ll throw herself at you.

Some Santa Nimá community leaders distrusted the newly established justice of the peace because judges were ignorant of their local customs and rarely employed people who spoke their language. This linguistic gap disproportionately affected women who were less likely to speak Spanish. While some indigenous women appreciated the new avenue for child support and alimony claims, they found that judges offered inconsistent support in the face of VAW.

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Lawyers have sometimes pushed successfully for women to qualify as a social group because of the overwhelming violence they face, citing a 2014 case in which a Guatemalan woman fleeing domestic violence was found to be eligible to apply for asylum in the United States. But violence against women, and women from Guatemala domestic violence in particular, is a powerful and often overlooked factor in the migration crisis. Latin America and the Caribbean are home to 14 of the 25 deadliest nations in the world for women, according to available data collected by the Small Arms Survey, which tracks violence globally.

Computers were among the items stolen from the alliance of more than 30 groups working together for an inclusive national women’s movement. Transgender women, domestic workers, indigenous midwives and members of dozens of other organisations marched behind their groups’ banners. You were targeted even just for having a family member involved in something,” Mendez said. A mother of two, she was the secretary of international relations of the Guatemalan Labour Party, and dozens of its leaders were either assassinated or they disappeared. At annual International Women’s Day march in Guatemala, families remember those who’ve suffered from state violence. The Latin American Studies Association is the largest professional Association in the world for individuals and institutions engaged in the study of Latin America. With over 12,000 members, half of whom reside outside the United States, LASA is the one Association that brings together experts on Latin America from all disciplines and diverse occupational endeavors, across the globe.

  • Returned to Guatemala, Virginia testified in the specialized court with the assistance of court interpreter, as did her parents, a neighbor who had heard Virginia’s screams, and expert witnesses from INACIF and DEMI.
  • Machismo is a stereotypical concept that emphasises hypermasculinity, and in Latin America is a legacy of the Spanish conquistadores , who shaped the region’s gender identity and gender relationships.
  • Quite a few men opt for this way of meeting Guatemalan girls, and they manage to succeed.
  • In order to expand their impact, employees used their own personal money and time to support women, created informal relationships with justices of the peace and OMMs, and lodged complaints against other state institutions that were undermining their efforts.
  • The land concerned included unused land held by the United Fruit Company, a US banana company with close links to the Eisenhower administration – the company disputed the compensation offered to it by the Guatemalan government, and demanded a much larger sum.
  • Nanci and her team created dialogue platforms for youth representatives from across the political spectrum.

Human smugglers have proven time and again they have little regard for human life,’ Gregory Bovino, the Border Patrol’s El Centro sector chief said in a statement Wednesday. While there have been some major steps forward that have created the conditions for women such as the Sepur Zarco abuelas to be empowered and to speak up, with actual judicial consequences, there is still a long way to go, and there are still sectors of society that remain voiceless. As the article has shown, the problem of gender-based violence in Latin America is one that needs continued international attention and immediate action. This will help in shedding light on such barbaric practices, and in finding ways to overcome them.

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Combined with workshops involving men and women from participating families that explore sexism and interfamilial violence in indigenous communities, and Mujerave is transforming neighbourhoods! To read about how gender informs Mujerave’s work, refer to Mujerave’s Needs Assessment. “In the end, though the police wouldn’t do anything, I took him to local court, and they granted me a divorce and child support for our infant son,” Carmen said. She moved in with her maternal grandmother, and she raised both her son and a nephew who was left in her care by a sibling.